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10 Last Minute Marketing Tips for a Successful Black Friday
Posted on 2021-11-04 by Alyssa Thompson
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Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season and is one of the biggest shopping days of the year - and it’s approaching fast!

Hopefully you’ve been preparing for this event and have a marketing plan already in place, but it’s not too late to start advertising if you haven’t. With all of the growth businesses have been seeing in online sales in recent years, now is a great time to promote your online store and take advantage of the Black Friday sales boost!

Here are ten last minute tips for increasing your online sales and having a successful Black Friday:


1.       Learn from your previous year.

The first thing you should do when putting together your Black Friday marketing plan is to look at your analytics and notes from last year. Take some time to review your Google Analytics or other key reports so that you can better prepare your inventory and anticipate the types of items that are likely to be hot sellers. You can also see what previous promotions worked well and what did not and adjust accordingly.


2.       Have a countdown timer on your website.

Not only will this set the mood, but it’s also a simple thing you can do to build hype for the holidays and motivate your potential customers to take action! If you have multiple marketing channels, ensure this countdown is synched across all of them.


3.       Create a gift guide.

Gift guides allow your customers (and people buying for your customers) to find you during the holiday season and are a great way to promote your products, especially ones that are new or seasonal. Create a special section on your website or feature a list of gift suggestions in your email marketing. You could also decide to create a blog post with your top 5-10 items. To get more traffic to your gift guides, feature them on your homepage or other web pages that get visibility and promote them on your social media accounts.


4.       Be unique and try to stand out with your promotions.

When it comes to Black Friday marketing campaigns, everyone is dying to attract shoppers’ attention – and dollars - on this one big weekend of the year. If you want to stand out from your competition, try to think outside of the box and offer promotions that you normally wouldn’t make so that they feel more special and exciting. For example, “Free Express Shipping on Everything All Weekend.” When creating these promotions, be specific and ensure that you place your messages where your potential customers can easily find them – such as the banner of your home page, or a pop-up message.


5.       Use social media to your advantage.

Instead of only posting stagnant images, focus on using content (videos, ads, GIF’s, slideshows, etc.) that draw higher levels of engagement on social media. You can also add an incentive when it comes to sharing on your social media. For example, “Share this and get 10% off.” Be sure to include the relevant hashtags in your posts. Do a little research on what hashtags other businesses in your industry are using and include a variety in your posts. You’ll want to use some generic Black Friday hashtags, but you can also include some that highlight your specific location or niche.

Also, if you’re doing paid ads on social, consider increasing your ad budget in order to push against competitors during this time.

6.  Consider using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads and Shopping Feeds.

If you normally don’t use PPC ads or shopping feed, it may be a good idea to give it a try, even if it’s only for this Black Friday campaign. These types of advertising can be a game changer and help you gain greater visibility and traction to your website. This also helps your site with higher positioning in search result pages


7.   Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

People are spending more and more time on the internet on their phones, meaning that most of the information that you are promoting is being viewed on mobile. You’ll want to ensure that your customers are able to search and purchase with ease, so check your mobile loading time and configuration to make sure everything looks and is working as it should.

You may also want to consider creating mobile only deals to take greater advantage of this new shopping trend. For example, if you have an app, why not offer a special discount to anyone who downloads your app over the Black Friday weekend?


8.  Offer a VIP discount exclusively for Black Friday.

If you have an exclusive membership or loyalty program for your best customers, offer them a limited time discount during the Black Friday weekend. As they are your loyal customers, they’re likely to buy more from your business than one-time customers. Treating them with the best discount will also make them feel appreciated, helping to increase their brand loyalty and ensure that your business is still profitable after the Black Friday event.


8.  Prior to launching anything, test everything…. And then test again.

When you’re ready to launch your campaign, visit your website and go through the buyer's journey that your potential customers will take to ensure that everything is working as it should. One thing to also make note of is your checkout process. The last thing you want to happen is for your website to crash or something to malfunction during Black Friday weekend. When you’re done, get someone else to run through the process as well.


9.  Step up your digital presence on Cyber Monday.

As mentioned earlier, shoppers have been moving increasingly online, and this trend includes the Black Friday weekend. Cyber Monday was introduced as a supplement to Black Friday in 2005 and is a day for promoting your online exclusive deals. You’ll probably want to participate in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you may want to consider putting more effort into promoting Cyber Monday if you are a strictly e-commerce store.


10. Try a “Second Chance” or “Last Chance” sale.

Even after the weekend is over, many people will still be in the mood to shop. There will likely be some who are regretting not making a purchase when they had the chance to take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Why not give those people another opportunity to save by extending your promotions past Cyber Monday with a “Second Chance” or “Last Chance” sale? This can help reduce cart abandonment and further drive your sales.

With two of the biggest shopping days for online retailers almost here, now if the time to act! Seize the opportunity to get on board with Black Friday and Cyber Monday by putting these marketing ideas into action and, as a final bit of advice, be sure to review the results of your efforts and get a head start on planning for next year!

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