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The Buyer’s Journey vs. User’s Journey
Posted on 2021-09-14 by Alyssa Thompson
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Have you seen phrases like the buyer’s journey and the user’s journey tossed around online and wondered what exactly they mean?

These terms both relate to important processes that a potential customer undertakes and understanding how they affect your business can help you to turn those potential buyers into loyal customers.

The Buyers Journey

The buyer’s journey is the online research process that a customer undertakes leading up to making a purchase. There are generally considered to be 3 key steps in the buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration and decision.

      1. Awareness: During the awareness stage, a potential customer has become aware of a need they have and are just starting to do general research on the issue and potential solutions.

      2. Consideration: They then move into the consideration phase, which means they’ve come to fully understand their problem and are now looking for more specific solutions (i.e., specific vendors or service providers).

      3. Decision: Finally, the customer reaches the decision stage of their journey where they narrow down their list of options and arrive at a final decision on the solution to their problem.

If you want to encourage potential customers to purchase your products and services, it’s important to create content geared towards these different phases so that you’re reaching buyers at each key step in their journey. Publishing articles and blog posts that answer common questions in your industry will help customers in the awareness stage to gain trust in your brand, while having more specific content about the benefits of the kinds of products and services you offer will positively influence potential buyers in the consideration and decision stages.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts to influence a potential buyer’s decision, you’ll also need to pay close attention to the user’s journey.

The User’s Journey

The user’s journey refers to the path a user takes to find what they’re looking for while navigating a website. Since you’ve invested time and resources in creating all of that useful content to engage with potential buyers, you’ll want to ensure that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily on your website.

Having a clean and straightforward website layout is a good starting point for ensuring a positive user experience, but to fully maximize the potential of your website as a marketing tool you’ll need to understand the kinds of users who are coming to your site.

Ask yourself: What are the goals of the people who are visiting your website and what kinds of information are they looking for?  Once you’ve answered these questions, have a look at your website. Would it be easy for a user to find the answers to their questions? You don’t want potential customers to turn away part way through their buyer’s journey because they get confused or frustrated. If they can’t find the answers they’re looking for on your website with minimal effort, most people will just assume that your company isn’t able to help them and look elsewhere.

The good news is that, unlike the buyer’s journey, you have a lot of control over the user’s journey, since you’re able to craft your website to best suit your user’s needs. By implementing calls to action throughout your site that lead customers to related articles, product pages or your online store, you can shape the user’s journey, helping visitors to reach the desired end point of their journey.

If you require help with redesigning your website to ensure a smooth user’s journey, or assistance with crafting engaging content to entice customers throughout their buyer’s journey, look no further than Frontline Web Consulting!

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