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5 Marketing Tips for Valentine's Day PPC Success
Posted on 2021-01-15 by Jennifer Taylor
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As we all know, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a fantastic way to ensure short term profitable engagement, and seasonal events are super important to maximize sales opportunities. Not all brands are taking advantage of these opportunities are letting profit slip through.

Just when you started to wonder what to do with your creativity after the retail bonanza that Christmas brings with it, a smaller but nice opportunity is tugging at your sleeves for attention – Valentine’s Day.

Although wise guys, gals, and songwriters alike, will tell you money can’t buy you love each year, we all know that your customers will express their feelings with flowers, jewelry, chocolates, dinners, gifts and more!

Here are some tips to get your search accounts ready to benefit from the opportunity:

1.       Get started on time - PPC campaigns usually do better when they are launched early. Why? Besides giving your campaign some time to build up performance stat history, not all customers leave surprising their loved ones until the last minute. Capture as many searchers as you can by being on time, or even early.


2.     Promotional content – Use this opportunity to add offers, sales, or other promotions to your ads. Who doesn’t want to save money? And your buyers are always looking for opportunities to save money on occasions like these. Some examples include a percentage off the product, free shipping, and so on.


3.   Put some love into your ad copy – Time spent on tuning your ad copy to the season of love is time well spent. Look at what has worked well for you in previous years, and test some new ad copy. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and use your unique selling propositions and call-to-actions. Tailor your ad copy to be approachable and theme appropriate. Add a romantic feel and creative ideas for your customers who are looking for help with gifts. Fall in love with your Valentine’s Day ads. 😉


4.   Landing pages – After seeing your targeted relevant ads, your customers will expect to see an equally relevant landing page. Ensure that you have all the important information on the page that they expect or need. Delivering relevant landing pages also helps you improve your quality score on Google Ads. If possible, create a specific PPC targeted landing page for your promotional targeted products.


5.   Bid adjustments and timing – Use this as an opportunity to explore the best time to catch your customers and increase or decrease bids for different times. When are your customers searching? When are people looking for gift ideas? Lunch time? Commute times? In the evening? Also, appeal to procrastinators. For them, the peak days for shopping for Valentine’s Day are February 12 and 13th, so also consider the timing of your ads to catch these last minute shoppers. You’ll want to start your Valentine’s Day campaign early but continue to ramp up ad frequency as you approach the big day. Keep an eye on your budget to allow ads to run all the way up to Valentine’s Day so you don’t lose any opportunities.


These tips can be used to optimize your PPC campaigns for Valentine’s Day and reach more consumers. Valentine’s Day ads can help boost your sales, especially after the post-holiday slump. Make sure you look at all the opportunities for this holiday. If you’re looking to boost your PPC advertising all year around, we offer PPC and more digital marketing services. Contact us today for your FREE no obligation consultation!

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