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Digital Marketing Tips for Non-Profit Organizations - Part 1
Posted on 2020-09-09 by Jennifer Taylor
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Why? If you’re a non-profit, you may have not considered connecting with a digital marketing agency or thought much about your digital strategy. Or, if you have, you’re not sure as to why it is necessary. Read on to understand why having a digital strategy is important and beneficial for you.


What is a “Digital Marketing Plan” for Non-Profits?

Think of your digital marketing plan as a road map to promote the services that your organization offers the community. Although the specifics for each non-profit will vary, each digital plan has a common theme – getting your mission heard. We will be providing tips to get you started but also make sure you customize it to your organization’s core goals and values.


Why do Non-Profits need digital marketing?

In this day in age, we know that everything is online. A digital marketing plan will allow you to get your message across to the right people. With that being said, the “right” people can include your volunteers, potential donors, people that utilize your services, or others. With a lot of resources out there, digital marketing can keep costs low for non-profit organizations. This is part one of two in this blog series – in this one, we’ll be focusing on things to set up or resources to utilize.


Tip #1- Set your goal.

What would your goal be for marketing digitally? Is it to increase brand visibility? To drive more online donations? Is it to attract more volunteers?

We would recommend determining your objective, then your strategies and tactics. To create this plan, start with your main objective (your main goal) and then outline the strategies you will use to achieve that objective. Then think about what tactics you will be using to achieve each of those strategies. We have an example of what this approach would look like:

Tip #2: Set up your Google Analytics

We would also say that this tip is one of the first steps your non-profit should set up. If you have a website, this should happen before you begin implementing any marketing tactics. We recommend making sure your site is equipped with Google Analytics. The best news? It is free, which makes it ideal for non-profit organizations.

Google Analytics tracks who visits your site. This includes what channel visitors are using to land on your site (for example, was it from an email? Paid ad? Or from social media?) Therefore, you can gauge however successful or ineffective all your online marketing initiatives are. Tracking landing page visits is only the beginning of what Analytics can do for you!

Tip #3: Set up a local presence by being on Google My Business

Setting up a local presence through Google My Business (GMB) is a great (and free) way to engage with people who use your services, donors and volunteers. If you’re not sure of what this is, don’t worry because you’ve probably seen it in action. Check out the GMB listing below for an example:

These listings are the best way to help people find your physical location (especially if they’re on the go). That is only one of the benefits GMB has for non-profits. They offer valuable information and over time, we’ve seen that these listings can be used to:

·         Alleviate confusion for people searching for their services by controlling the narrative with a description of the organization

·         Answering FAQs – people can submit their own questions on your GMB listing. Answer them to help them get an answer in a timely manner.

·         Communicate all open hours to those who use their services by posting their operating hours, and adding updates such as if the organization is closing early due to poor weather.  

·        Promote events and measure success – you can add your upcoming fundraiser, volunteer events and more. Then you can keep tabs on their audience and performance by looking at the insights!

Tip #4- Set up your social media profiles and keep them up to date.

Creating and maintaining your social media accounts is important for generating brand awareness. Once you’ve built a foundation and following, it can be taken a step further to help you reach your organization’s key goals such as donations and volunteer sign ups.

  • Include a link to your website & a strong Call To Action (to donate or volunteer- whatever your main goal is).

Example of a good way to incorporate a link on your nonprofit’s Instagram profile:

Example of a way to include strong Call To Action on your nonprofit’s Facebook profile: