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Posted on 2021-06-16 by Hailey Tavares

The security of your information is important, and more and more scammers or other mal-intended people see your information as just a valuable number. Here are 7 ways you can stay safe online.

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digital marketing Posted on 2021-03-24 by Jennifer T

Why is digital marketing important? Better yet, why should you use digital marketing? No matter the size of your business, digital marketing is crucial for its success. Although each company will have different goals in mind, most are trying to achieve growth by reaching more potential customers and convincing them to purchase their product or service. To do this effectively, you must take advantage of all the most valuable marketing resources and technologies. In the modern world, Internet and digital tops that list. This makes every business in need of digital marketing. Even top performing small and mid-sized companies are finding better competition, improved best practices, and increased engagement through digital marketing.

Here are the top ten reasons why you need to understand the benefits of digital marketing for businesses:

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Valentines Day, digital marketing PPC Posted on 2021-01-15 by Jennifer Taylor

As we all know, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a fantastic way to ensure short term profitable engagement, and seasonal events are super important to maximize sales opportunities. Not all brands are taking advantage of these opportunities are letting profit slip through.

Just when you started to wonder what to do with your creativity after the retail bonanza that Christmas brings with it, a smaller but nice opportunity is tugging at your sleeves for attention – Valentine’s Day.

Although wise guys, gals, and songwriters alike, will tell you money can’t buy you love each year, we all know that your customers will express their feelings with flowers, jewelry, chocolates, dinners, gifts and more!

Here are some tips to get your search accounts ready to benefit from the opportunity:

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non-profit, computer, smile, blog banner Posted on 2020-10-14 by Jennifer Taylor

Our last blog talked about the ways to utilize digital marketing for non-profit organizations. We’re going to talk about strategies and tactics when it comes to your digital marketing.


1.       Target audience

Who do you want to see or look for your information? This is one of the most important pieces of your marketing strategy. Think about it – you wouldn’t necessarily have the same exact conversation face to face with volunteers, donors, and those that use your services, right? Each plat...

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non-profit, heart, blog banner Posted on 2020-09-09 by Jennifer Taylor

Why? If you’re a non-profit, you may have not considered connecting with a digital marketing agency or thought much about your digital strategy. Or, if you have, you’re not sure as to why it is necessary. Read on to understand why having a digital strategy is important and beneficial for you.


What is a “Digital Marketing Plan” for Non-Profits?

Think of your digital marketing plan as a road map to promote the services that your organization offers the community. Although the specifics for each non-profit will vary, each digital plan has a common theme – getting your mission heard. We will be providing tips to get you started but also make sure you customize it to your organization’s core goals and values.


Why do Non-Profits nee...

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